Start creating images from text with Stable Diffusion on your Mac - Easy way.

This are exciting times folks. I believe we are witnessing what is going to be a technological revolution.

What is happening?

Right now, there are AI models that can literally create images that have never existed from any given piece of text. (Stable Diffusion or Dalle-2).

Some others are doing interesting stuff in the software development world (Github Copilot or Tabine). In my case, I tried Copilot before and it was amazing.

And similarly, many other projects are evolving, iterating and growing extremely fast. What’s going to be next? An AI that can create music from any given text? Or music out of images? Who knows! But definitely it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Anyways, going back to purpose of this post.

How do you install Stable Diffusion on your Macbook and start generating images?

Very simple. We can do it with DiffusionBee.

Here are some prompts I tried:

Man with a white beard, sitting on a table, inside a house, drinking coffee while watching out of the window painted by Théodore Géricault

Swordman, portrait, forest, animation, dramatic lighting, epic. Sunset. High detailed anime style, art by Leonardo Da Vinci

Very detailed portrait of a female druid with red hair and a dress made of leafs and autum color branches. Green and bright forest landscape art.

Big thanks to the devs that made this possible. Here is their repo if you want to look around:

Written by

Rodrigo Mencos

Hi there! I’m Rodrigo, born and raised in Guatemala and currently a DevOps engineer with love for coffee, infosec, technology and outdoor exploration.

Hola! Soy Rodrigo de Guatemala. Actualmente soy Ingeniero DevOps a quien le encanta el cafe, la seguridad informatica, tecnologia y explorar el mundo.